5 Simple Stress Solutions

Here are five simple stress solutions that may help you deal with current stress:

1. Walk it off.

There are so many physical and mental health benefits to a good walk and it’s one of the few things we can do at the moment. It’s an opportunity to relax, enjoy the outdoors and reduce stress, either by forgetting about it for a while or having the chance to process it.

2. Talk about it.

One of the things that can make stress so damaging is that we often keep it to ourselves. Sometimes talking about how and why stressed you are with someone else is exactly what’s needed to reduce it or at least understand it a little better – and that’s half the battle. Even though we are physically distant from our friends, families and co-workers at this time, we can be socially connected.  Talking might be just what you need to get your stress (and how it’s affecting you) out in the open. Once it’s out in the open, it may be easier to deal with.

3. Distract yourself.

Stress doesn’t have nearly as much power over you if you’re not thinking about it. That can be a challenge, of course, especially when your every thought is focused on a particular stressor, but it’s worth trying something to take your mind off your stress. True distraction means doing something that forces you to discard your stress to the greatest extent possible – anything that requires your mind to focus on something other than your stress.

4. Deal with it.

How do we “deal” with stress? Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Recognise when you’re stressed; don’t ignore it or pretend you’re “fine.”
  • Understand why you’re stressed; identify the source of the stress and think carefully about why it’s affecting you.
  • Find a way to reduce the stress; if that’s not immediately possible, at least find a way to manage it so it doesn’t continue to build.

5. Find the positives.

There’s a silver lining to every stressful situation or circumstance, whether it’s stress about the current situation, your job or career, your relationship, your family life, your finances or anything else. It might be difficult to see at first, but it’s definitely there. Think of stress as an opportunity to explore creative solutions that will not only ease your stress, but also reduce the chance it will return.