We believe anyone can benefit from high quality, caring services whatever stage they are in life.

However, pain knows no gender or age limits and so many people needlessly soldier on with neck, joint and back problems.

Here at the award-winning Wickford Chiropractic Clinic, we treat sportspeople, pregnant women, children, students, manual and office workers, and the elderly.

Every patient wants something different: to return to activity after an injury, maintain flexibility, shave minutes off their marathon time, or continue to kick a football with their grandchildren.

Wickford Chiropractic Clinic Treatment pictures

Since everyone is different, we tailor our holistic treatments to each patient’s individual needs.

We use gentle manipulation to safely and effectively ease discomfort and correct problematic joints, and we advise on health and well-being to help keep you feeling the best you can be.

So don’t suffer in silence. Visit us at the Wickford Chiropractic Clinic and let us help you to feel the best you can be.

Well-being awaits.

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