Working from home tips

Our Chiropractor, Milan Patel, has some suggestions for those of us now working from home and away from our usual desk.

She suggests:

  • Create a routine – sign in and off, wear work clothes, schedule a lunch break, close your door, switch off music, media etc
  • Open a window
  • Less caffeine more water
  • Take regular micro breaks every 30 mins to do breathe work/ stretch for a few seconds as well as longer breaks to get fresh air, walk, move. This will allow muscles to stay relaxed, help posture and prevent brain fatigue
  • Journal what you’ve accomplished in the day
Woman Sitting at desk

Her advice for your desk:

  • Use a desk, table to kneel at or stand by a counter top. Even better to use a mixture of workstations to encourage variety in posture to prevent muscle fatigue
  • Have your laptop raised so your eye is level to the centre of the monitor and use a book/document holder to avoid a c-curve in the neck
  • Obtain a separate or wireless keyboard and mouse to place these closer to you to avoid repetitive strain
  • Use a box or cushions for a foot rest if required
  • If sitting ensure your knees are at 90° (or lower) and elbows 90° and shoulders relaxed.
  • Have a good back and seat support and consider a posture cushion for active sitting