Desk Ergonomics

Many of us spend our entire day locked behind a computer screen. Hours of sitting means muscles remain stationary, circulation decreases, muscles tire and tasks become more uncomfortable. Because of the repetitive nature of deskwork, the body becomes more susceptible to repetitive strain injuries, lower back and neck pain. Learn more about desk ergonomics here.

Would you like to lessen the effects of your desk based job on your body? Here’s how!

Your Chair:

  1. Rest your back up against the backrest of your chair. To do this you will have to shuffle your buttocks to the back of the chair.
  2. Move your chair towards the desk. This will prevent you from slouching forward when you start to get tired.
  3. When sitting at your desk, your back, thighs and calves should be at 90 degree angles.
  4. If you find your feet aren’t touching the ground in this position, use a box or a couple of phonebooks to rest your feet on.
  5. Try avoiding sitting crossed legged. If you can’t resist, cross your ankles over each other.

Your Desk:

  1. Your desk should be at a height that allows you to comfortably rest your forearms on the desk without having to drop or elevate your shoulders.

Your Computer:

  1. Place the PC screen and the keyboard directly in front of you (preferably in the middle of the desk). This will keep your spine in a neutral position whilst working.
  2. The top of your screen should be at eyelevel.
  3. If you use the PC mouse with your right hand, keep your right elbow tucked next to the side of your body. The same applies to the left elbow in left handed people.


  1. Take frequent breaks, at least once an hour. Stretch while at your desk, get up and stretch or make yourself a cup of tea. The important thing is to keep moving! Your Chiropractor will happily give you some exercises that can easily be done at a desk – ask them!
  2. Rest your eyes. Just move your eyes off the screen and refocus them on a distant object for several seconds, and also, blink frequently to keep the eye surface lubricated.

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